Quality Policy

We are engaged in “design and development, manufacture, sales and services of Central Air Distribution Products for HVAC Duct & Ductless Systems in Construction, Industrial, Commercial, Offshore and Onshore Applications” and committed to:

Deliver quality assured products/services related to design and manufacture of Central Air Distribution Products for HVAC systems for construction, industrial, commercial, offshore and onshore applications, by meeting customer requirements and to maintain the highest possible standards of Quality.

Ensure timely delivery of products/services with an excellent response time to meet our business goals.

Meeting and complying the Local & International Standards, to exceed the expectation of our Customers with regard to products and services.

Continual improvement in respect to manufacturing, design, safety, functionality, delivery, cost-efficiency and quality of our processes and systems by setting objectives, which enables customer satisfaction.

Lead the employees to work as a team and create an environment to obtain better business results.

Comply with all applicable statutory, regulatory, legal and other requirements related to products and services.