All of our quotes and proposals are made basically in Ex-Factory, excluding the cost and freight.  Drafting and Engineering are also included during the proposal stage, as per project requirements. You will not be charged additional costs unless these requirements were unclear, or were noted as additional cost in the bottom notes of your quotation.  Please review the line item notes and the bottom notes of each quote for additional information.
Smaller orders are typically 1-2 weeks, depending on the finishes required. Larger orders will take 4-8 weeks. These lead times can vary depending on the time of year and the workload in the factory. A more accurate lead time is provided at the time of quote or order placement.
It is better to provide the applicable drawings and product specifications, which will avoid delay in preparing the Quote.  If you don't have this information, provide the Model selection, Quantities, Dimensions, Options of the product(s) which you may require.

All products are Made to Order.   It is tailor made to suit the project requirements.  We have very flexible manufacturing capabilties and will size our products to meet your requirements.

The Local delivieries are made in Wooden Pallets, which are product dependent, if sizes and quantity permits or else, loose packing by default.  However, we have optional packing for deliveries out of U.A.E, such as wooden boxes (size dependent), Wooden Crates etc. Please communicate if such packaging is required at the time of quotation, so that any extra applicable costs may be included.

Purchase from factory direct through Phone calls at +971 6 5264061 during Working Hours (9 Hrs. to 18 Hours - UAE Time).  The location of the factory is available on the Website.   

You can email at [email protected] Or  Speak with a live person.

Yes, samples are free of cost, but size dependent.  For product submittals including technical calculations of Acoustic Products such as Sound Attenuators, Acoustic Louvers are provided upon receipt of project specifications, noise source / equipments details such as Airflow, Noise criteria, exact Dimensions etc. Please refer to the respective catalogue for the Data required for calculations.